Frequently Asked Questions

What services are included in my PMUA Residential Service Package?

A standard single-family residence receives curbside collections of solid waste and recyclables.
All Plainfield property owners also receive shared services maintenance including up to two bulk-waste pick-ups per each calendar year. PMUA provides sanitary sewer services for the entire city.

What services are offered at PERC/Transfer Station?

Drop-off and disposal of most materials EXCEPT hazardous waste:

  1. Recyclables
    Paper: newspaper, cardboard, junk mail, printer/copy paper, etc.
    Co-mingled: plastic, glass, aluminum cans, bottles, and food & beverage containers.
  2. Vegetative Waste (leaves, branches, brush, etc.)  No-fee Saturday drop-off offered seasonally, call for dates.
  3. Bulk Waste (i.e. furniture, mattresses, appliances, etc.)
  4. Motor oil
  5. eWaste

For fees and other details call customer service at 908-226-2518. (Any vehicles with a total weight of 9,000 lbs. or more, OR vehicles with an attached trailer and weighing 16,000 lbs. or more, must have a DEP sticker to drop-off waste at the PERC/Transfer Station).

Where can I dispose of hazardous waste?

Please visit the Union County website at for hazardous waste drop-off information.

How can I dispose of large items and appliances?

Large items or “bulk waste” can be disposed of at the PERC/Transfer Station – 95 Rock Avenue, Plainfield or call customer service at
908-226-2518 to schedule a bulk waste pick-up.

Note for drop-off: Special rules apply for total weight exceeding 9,000 lbs. Please see details listed under “What services are offered at PERC/Transfer Station?” in our list of FAQs.

What is a bulk waste pick-up?

A bulk waste pick-up is a scheduled collection appointment to dispose of bulky items. Typical bulk waste includes furniture, mattresses, refrigerators, etc. Please refer to our Bulky Waste Brochure for more details on bulk waste items, appointments and fees.

How many bulk waste pick-ups can I get?

Property owners may schedule up to two bulk waste pick-ups per each calendar year. Scheduling and availability rules apply. For additional or “On Demand” bulk waste collections, please contact customer service at 908-226-2518 or see our Bulky Waste Brochure for service rate and other details.

What happens if a holiday falls on my collection day?

PMUA urges residences to be mindful of excess garbage generated over a holiday weekend. If your regularly scheduled pick-up is interrupted by a no-collection holiday, the PMUA will collect your additional waste on your following scheduled collection day. Note: Only residences in those zones affected by no-collection holidays are allowed to dispose up to one cart’s worth of additional household waste on their next pick-up.

If your regularly scheduled pick-up is not interrupted by a no-collection holiday but you anticipate having additional waste due to a party or special event, please contact our office to notify ahead of time and discuss what disposal options are available to avoid a potential citation for excess waste.

Does PMUA offer discounted rates for senior citizens, veterans and special needs customers?

Yes. The PMUA offers a senior citizen, veteran, and medical disability discount. Qualified applicants will receive 15% off their quarterly bills. Please contact customer service at 908-226-2518 for more information.  Eligibility will be based on the City of Plainfield’s requirements to receive a senior, disability or veteran tax break.  Residents who meet these criteria will automatically be enrolled in our PMUA service discount program and will receive a letter from us confirming qualification for the program.  Senior citizen, disability, and veteran discount may not be combined.

How is my sewer bill calculated?

The calculation of your sewer bill is based on your water consumption. Please review our PMUA Bill Guide, included with your quarterly bills.

What do I do in the event of a sewer backup or emergency?

Call the PMUA at (908) 226-2518 to alert us of the situation. If it is after hours or on the weekend follow the directions on the answering machine for assistance: Contact the Plainfield Police Dept. Dispatch Division at 908-753-3457.

What do I do if I spot illegal dumping activity?

If you spot illegal dumping you may call the Plainfield Police at 908-753-3131. Please have the address of the site and any other information you can provide to identify the illegal dumpers.

How can I obtain a copy of the PMUA Quarterly Newsletter?

If you did not receive a copy of our latest quarterly newsletter in the mail you may request one by calling us at (908) 226-2518 or e-mail us at Our newsletter can also be viewed online and downloaded from our News menu.

What is Union County Waste Flow?

All waste generated in Union County is obligated to be disposed of at a designated facility chosen by the Union County Utilities Authority.

Are PMUA and DPW the same?

No. While the PMUA and Plainfield’s DPW (Department of Public Works) often work together, our functions and responsibilities around the city are different. For example, the DPW collects vegetative waste; the PMUA disposes of vegetative waste that is brought to the PERC/Transfer Station at 95 Rock Avenue. The DPW is also responsible for maintaining street trees, snow removal, pothole repairs and street lights, while the PMUA is responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of the City’s public areas such as parks, playgrounds and the business district.

Is the PMUA a regulated agency?

The PMUA is both a service and regulatory agency managing the City’s sanitary sewer and solid waste utility services. PMUA is a public agency that operates within the parameters of federal, state, county, and local laws and regulations that govern and shape our services and rates and overall operation.

Does the PMUA collaborate with local organization and/or do community outreach?

Yes. PMUA visits with neighborhood block associations, civic organizations, schools, and community groups to educate residents on recycling and the environment. PMUA hosts an annual Environmental Fair and the PMUA also provides assistance with local initiatives that improve the quality of life in Plainfield.

When is my PMUA bill due?

Payment is due on the due date listed on your bills.

How is interest calculated on my PMUA bill?

Interest is calculated from the date of billing once it is past due. Interest is charged at 8% on the first $1,500 and 18% on any charges over $1,500. New Jersey Statutes Annotated Title 54 § 4-67.

What if I have a billing inquiry or dispute regarding my service charge?

According to PMUA’s Rules and Regulations, all billing inquires and disputes regarding any service charge or fee shall be directed in writing to the Authority, prior to the payment due date.

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