Disposal Protocol




Do... Put garbage only in the black cart.
Do... Put recyclables only in the blue cart.
Do... Always place your cart out no earlier than 8:00 p.m. on the day preceding pick-up.
Do… Move the cart in off the curb before 8:00 a.m. the day after collection.
Do... Always keep the lid closed to keep animals, rain, snow out of cart and odor in carts.
Don't... Put garbage in the blue cart.
Don't... Place carts in the street.
Don't...Take the cart when you move, cart belongs to property address.
Don't…Place excess garbage bags on top of cart or next to the cart ($30 service fee per/bag)
*See Holiday Exception.

*Holiday No Collections and Excess Waste

PMUA urges residences to be mindful of excess garbage generated over a holiday weekend. If your regularly scheduled pick-up is interrupted by a no-collection holiday, the PMUA will collect your additional waste on your following collection day at no service fee. Note- only residences in those zones affected by no-collection holidays are allowed to dispose up to one cart's worth of additional household waste on their next pick-up. If your regularly scheduled pick-up is not interrupted by a no-collection holiday but you anticipate having additional waste due to a party or special event, please contact our office to notify ahead of time and discuss what disposal options are available to avoid a potential citation for excess waste.

Click on Disposal Rules flyer for more information on disposal protocol.