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November 2015, Plainfield, NJ-On November 30th, PMUA Recycling Coordinator Trevor Gravesande along with Senior Public Information Specialist Deborah Kane, paid a visit to Jefferson's School's third grade to lead a lesson on recycling. This presentation was to coincide with the science curriculum whereby students are learning about conservation and the environment. PMUA was asked to facilitate a discussion on how to separate recyclables from regular trash and to emphasize the importance of recycling more at home and at school.

2015 Annual Environmental Fair

Above is a photo of Annual Recycle Contest Winning Projects

Plainfield, September 2015- Celebrating 20 years of service, The 2015 PMUA Annual Environmental Fair was a great success.  Library Park was bustling with several environmental exhibiters who focused on teaching green behaviors to the public by providing interesting activities and information sessions.

The atmosphere of the day also included a barbeque, Latino specialty foods, music, carnival snacks and kid’s blow-up rides all free of charge to the Plainfield Community. Additionally during the opening ceremony, PMUA honored its school children, who participated in its Annual Go Green and Trash to Treasure yearly recycle contests.

A new attraction to the fair this year, the NJ Hall of Fame Mobile Museum, was visited by many who saw artifacts and memorabilia from the Garden State.  This exhibit is the largest mobile museum in the country and is filled with fascinating NJ facts and history. It was a crowd favorite.

Marking the event’s 16th year, the PMUA Annual Environmental Fair is one of the ways in which the Authority gives back and supports its residents. Providing an educational entertaining day for Plainfield families is the goal of this yearly affair as we encourage others to be more environmentally conscious.    

4th Annual Christmas in July

Plainfield, July 2015- On Thursday, July 23rd PMUA Employees participated in the Salvation Army’s, Annual Christmas in July Event.  Lending a hand, PMUA assisted the Plainfield Dairy Queen, who collected and refurbished the bikes which were then given to children in need, from the Plainfield area. Employees of the Authority loaded, carried and transported the bikes, using PMUA trucks. Once at the Salvation Army, PMUA employees quickly unloaded over 100 bikes creating a display for the children to choose from.  PMUA prides itself on helping the community, and this event is a clear example of the Authority’s commitment to our residents.

2015 Earth Week Shred Mobile Event

Plainfield, May 2015- The Annual Shred Mobile Event at Cedar Brook Park brought 299 cars to Plainfield to shred 9,460 pounds of paper. 

PMUA & Students Honor Earth Day with Clean-up

Plainfield, April 2015- The PMUA celebrated Earth Day 2015 by hosting a clean-up at Library Park in Plainfield with students from the Barack Obama Green Charter High School. On Wednesday April 22nd, a group of ten student volunteers filled six bags of trash which was collected during the litter clean-up. “Our focus was to clean the park and pick up the litter from around the perimeter of the Plainfield Public Library building”, said Deborah Kane PMUA Senior Public Information Specialist. Gathering at Library Park in honor of Earth Day, the students did something positive for our community and our environment. 

PMUA Continues Bringing in New Business

Plainfield, June 2014- June continues to be a productive month at the Authority as PMUA proudly announces the signing of its latest Shared Services agreement with the City of Linden. The terms of this new agreement include the drop-off of Linden’s Type 13 Bulky waste to the PMUA operated Rock Avenue PERC/Transfer Station, a unique waste processing and transfer facility in the Union County area.

This new partnership along with the Authority’s collective accomplishments in extending its services to outside communities, further exemplifies the PMUA’s focus on increasing revenue streams to stabilize rates for its local residential customers. The PMUA is excited about the upsurge in business between outside municipalities and the PERC/Transfer Station, and is pleased to cite the City of Linden among its growing list of partners.

PMUA to offer pool water credit on sewer bill

Plainfield, June 2014- PMUA is excited to announce its plan to offer a pool water credit program to eligible property owners, as part of our Customer First initiative. Slated to go into effect mid-June, the program will offer property owners with above-ground or below-ground pools (minimum 4ft. in depth) an annual water usage credit to be applied toward their PMUA Sanitary Sewer bill. This credit issued by the PMUA will be based on a metered calculation of the total gallons of water used (ccf) to refill their swimming pool. By appointment only, the PMUA will provide a meter to be used to calculate the water consumption for the pool. In keeping with our protocol, a form must be filled out by the property owner to verify information such as the size of the pool and initial and final meter readings.

Effective Monday June 9th, 2014 meters will be available on a first come first serve basis, and appointments will be scheduled for weekdays only. To schedule a pool meter appointment or for more information about the pool water credit program, property owners must contact the PMUA Sewer Department at 908-226-2518 ext.252 or 251. *Note Pool Water Credit Program is applied to Spring/Summer from April 1st June 30th only.

PMUA Enters Agreement with Borough of Roselle and Bd. of Ed.

Plainfield, May 2014 –The Plainfield Municipal Utilities Authority has entered into a one year contract (with a renewal option) with Roselle’s Board of Education to collect solid waste and recyclables from Roselle public schools. Terms of the contract also include on a by-request basis, the provision of roll-off containers to the school district for the removal of Type 13 Bulky Waste debris. Additionally, the Borough of Roselle has also entered into an agreement with the PMUA for removal of Vegetative and Type 13 Bulky Waste for its Borough residents. 

These agreements between the PMUA, the Borough of Roselle and its school system are great strides in developing municipal “Shared Services” arrangements to facilitate efficient resource sharing, defray operational expenses and benefit tax payers and their community. By providing necessary waste collection services, PMUA is expanding its customer base and revenue stream, supporting the organization in its mission to contain operational costs and maintain its residential rates in Plainfield. 

NJ Jersey State Assemblyman Jerry Green and Roselle Mayor Jamel Holley, both strong advocates of “Shared Services”, assisted in the agreement process by helping to facilitate a mutually beneficial exchange between the two entities.

The Authority will continue to offer its comprehensive solid waste and sewer services to outside communities and is currently in discussions to secure further contracts.


Community Outreach

April 2014- To celebrate Earth Week, 328 cars attended a Mobile Paper Shredding event at Cedar Brook Park in Plainfield. On Friday, April 25th, Union County residents we able to shred confidential documents free of charge.  Sponsored by Union County, PMUA co-hosted this event and had employees on hand to assist. At the end of the day, 14,280 tons of shredded paper was taken to a recycling center to be recycled. 

April 2014 - In celebration of Earth Week 2014, PMUA organized a clean-up at Library Park in Plainfield. Students from the Barack Obama Green Charter High School worked diligently to clean the park, its surrounding grounds and parking lot. This was the second annual Earth Week clean-up facilitated by the Authority in conjunction with the charter school which teaches an environmental conscious philosophy. A group of graduating seniors filled several bags of litter leaving the park tidy and clean.

October 2013- PMUA met with six classes of pre-school children at the Dawn to Dusk Day-care talking about the 3 R's of Recycling and the types of materials one should recycle at school and at home.  Making the children recycling captains, students embraced the concept of recycling and learned exactly how recycling helps the environment.

May 2013-PMUA gave a recycling presentation to five Kindergarten class at Evergreen School on May 8th.  Teaching the 3 R's, Recycling Coordinator Trevor Gravesande and Public Information Representative Deborah Kane showed the children exactly what materials need to be separated from the regular trash while teaching them how to reuse materials by giving old toys, clothing, books and magazines to others who could use them. Students were taught why paper and co-mingled materials must be recycled as well as why we must recycle electronics and fluorescent bulbs.

April 2013- To celebrate Earth Week, 328 cars attended a Mobile Paper Shredding event at Cedar Brook Park in Plainfield. On Friday, April 26th, Union County residents we able to shred confidential documents free of charge.  Sponsored by Union County, PMUA co-hosted this event and had employees on hand to assist. At the end of the day, the shredded paper was taken to a recycle center to be recycled.

April 2013- The PMUA organized a clean-up of Library Park in Plainfield on April 25th in celebration of Earth Week. Student volunteers from the Barack Obama Green Charter School in Plainfield cleaned-up the park and earned community service hours towards high school graduation for participating.  PMUA provided the students with gloves and trash bags and thanks the students for their assistance in beautifying the park.

November 2012 - On November 15th PMUA employees assisted the City by distributing an inventory of Clean-up Kits, provided by the Red Cross, to Plainfield residents who needed support after Hurricane Sandy. Over 500 families came down to the PMUA facility on Cottage Place and received kits containing shovels, rakes, brooms, pails, bleach and hand sanitizer.

August 22nd 2012 - PMUA visited with the summer program of King’s Daughter Day School to educate campers on recycling.  Giving two presentations, children learned that most trash generated in their home should be recycled.  Teaching the true meaning of the 3R’s, students were given tools to become recycle captains at home. Recycle Coordinator Trevor Gravesande and Public Information Officer Deborah Kane showed examples of materials and discussed the types of trash that should be recycled. 

Christmas in July

July 25th 2012- Christmas came early in Plainfield this year thanks to Plainfield Dairy Queen, the Salvation Army, PMUA and other City agencies.  The event, “Christmas in July”, delivered 68 bikes to the Salvation Army on July 25th to needy Plainfield children.

Major Verna LaSalle of the Salvation Army said, “The PMUA helped deliver bikes from Dairy Queen to the Salvation Army with their trucks.  This turned out to be a very collaborative event.” Children of different ages received a refurbished bike from the Plainfield Dairy Queen along with a new bike helmet donated by the Children Specialized Hospital. PMUA Public Information Officer, Deborah Kane lent a hand by measuring the children to make sure the helmets fit properly.

The Salvation Army paired up the children by age to make sure each child received an appropriate sized bike. “Hopefully every kid walks away with a bike of their liking,” said LaSalle. Rich DeMair, a member of the Albanese family and husband of Donna Albanese-DeMair, owner of the Plainfield Dairy Queen, collected and restored the bikes, fixing them up to look brand new.

The Salvation Army also provided lunch for the children highlighted with ice cream from Dairy Queen.  The PMUA has teamed up previously with Dairy Queen to assist in charitable events and looks forward to providing further assistance to the Salvation Army. 

PMUA Visits Camp Discovery

July 18, 2012- PMUA Recycle Coordinator Trevor Gravesande joined Public Information Officer
Deborah Kane on a trip to Plainfield's Camp Discovery to talk about recycling at home and at camp. 
The children had a lesson on what materials should be recycled and how recycling benefits
the environment.


PMUA Participates in Health Fair

May 11, 2012 -The PMUA joined several county organizations participating in a health fair designed for students at Queen City Academy Charter School.  Trevor Gravesande Recycle Coordinator, Deborah Kane Public Information Officer and Migdalia Sanchez of the sales department met with students to discuss recycling habits at home and school.  The students learned about the type of materials that should be recycled and asked questions about the recycle process.

PMUA Lands Bulk Waste Contract With South Plainfield

April 10, 2012- The Plainfield Municipal Utilities Authority has signed a contract with the Borough of South Plainfield in an effort to broaden the PMUA's customer base and generate more revenue. As of 4/10/12, South Plainfield DPW is bringing its Bulk Waste Material to the PERC/Transfer Station located on Rock Avenue for disposal.

Increasing revenue streams at the Authority by expanding outside of Plainfield has been discussed frequently to help maintain rates and off-set rising costs due to the current state of our economy. Committed to implementing this plan, the PMUA is succeeding to expand its services beyond the borders of the City.

“The Authority is pleased to service the DPW of South Plainfield and will continue to focus on generating business from outside of Plainfield. PMUA services can benefit surrounding communities and we look forward to establishing future partnerships such as the one with South Plainfield,” said PMUA Executive Director, Duane Young.

Increased Senior & Disability Discounts

January 11, 2012- PMUA is now providing deeper savings and facilitating a more streamlined application process for those who are eligible for our Senior Citizen or Disability service discount. As of the New Year, we have increased the discount to 15% and there will be no more forms to fill out! Eligibility will be based on the City of Plainfield’s requirements to receive a senior and/or disability tax break. Residents who meet these criteria will automatically be enrolled in our PMUA service discount program and will receive a letter from us confirming qualification for the program. (Senior Citizen discount and Disability discount may not be combined).