The Plainfield Municipal Utilities Authority (PMUA) was created in 1995 to provide stable and affordable waste management services to the City of Plainfield’s residential and commercial communities. A service and regulatory agency, PMUA manages Plainfield’s sanitary sewer and solid waste utilities while expanding its services to outside municipalities.

Overseeing an integrated waste management plan with a comprehensive menu of solid waste, recycling and sanitary sewer services, the PMUA administers, monitors and is responsible for developing, implementing and enforcing rules and regulations regarding compliance with environmental regulations.

The PMUA operates and maintains 110 miles of Plainfield’s sanitary sewer lines, several sewage pumping stations and provides for proper collection and treatment of municipal waste water. Additionally, the Authority maintains and operates the “PERC” (Plainfield Environmental Resource Center) - Transfer Station as part of Plainfield’s Solid Waste Utility. Neighboring municipalities use this modern convenience center to transfer and dispose of waste as part of PMUA’s municipal shared services agreements.

What began nearly 20 years ago as a local utility agency has now become a multi-city shared service, waste transfer and management authority with a steadily growing list of strong and successful working partnerships throughout New Jersey.